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Welcome to The Craft House!

We are part boutique craft shop and part class and DIY studio space. The Craft House is 100% creative; a place for modern makers to gather and make amazing things. Our mission is to foster the creative spirit in all of us by inspiring our customers to explore, and express their creativity through hand crafting. The Craft House is a place to learn, create and connect with others in the crafting community. 

Our core values:

CRAFT: We believe in the beauty of handmade. We will offer high quality, unique materials responsibly sourced from around the world, in a creative, fun and inspiring space. Whether you're new to crafting, or a seasoned veteran, you'll find something new to try at The Craft House. We'll have supplies for knitting, crochet, fabric crafting, needlework, and general crafting. We will also offer classes, workshops and studio space. 

CREATIVITY: We believe in trying new things, thinking in new ways, and we know that magic happens outside of our comfort zone. Creativity is a way of life, and creative thinking is a critical skill, whether it’s in the workshop, the office, at home or in the board room. 

COMMUNITY: We are building a crafting community that supports, encourages and inspires its people. In a world of big box stores, we are the local shop with a connection to its customers that goes beyond the bottom line. It's important to us that we are an active member in our community, supporting local schools, community groups and other small businesses. We are all in this together, and together we can do amazing things.

COMMITMENT: We are committed to encouraging and developing the creative spirit that lives in all of us by offering fun and exciting classes, beautiful supplies to work with, and a space for people to gather and make cool things. We are committed to becoming a destination craft stop, and we can't wait to welcome everyone who walks through our door.